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Bitcoin Twitter is all about shitposting, trolling, and taking back control over your money (sometimes in that exact order). Who had the highest signal-to-noise ratio this year?

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  • The (un)official Bitcoin Handle

    Rumor: Getting retweeted by Bitcoin is the only way to become a part of Bitcoin twitter

  • Meltem Demirors

    She tweets an amazing collection of excellent Bitcoin insights, jokes and hot takes, including the 'Money printer go Brrr' collection earlier this year.

  • Nic Carter

    He's the host on 'On The Brink' podcast along with Matt Walsh. Nic has entertained and educated several on Bitcoin Twitter via memes, takedowns, and his encyclopaediac knowledge

  • Elizabeth Stark

    She's the co-Founder and CEO at Lightning Labs and has been at the forefront of solving the oft-mentioned problem of scalability of Blockchains.

  • Caitlin Long

    From Harvard and Wall Street to becoming a gubernatorial appointee at Wyoming's Blockchain Task Force and getting published in major global publications, Caitlin has done it all.

  • Peter McCormack

    Self-confessed "student" of Bitcoin, Peter has been the one asking hard questions that some of us don't ask out of civility. For this, we love him on Bitcoin Twitter

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The Winner will receive a 5 year standard registration for a .tech domain. The 1st and 2nd runner-ups get a standard .tech domains for 3-yr and 1-yr respectively.

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