The Best Analytical Mind in Blockchain


Blockchain data is complex. It’s opaque. It’s squirrely. It’s an alien crash landing on top of traditional datasets that have dominated industries for decades…but the analytical minds below don’t care. They’re not afraid. In fact, they’re downright excited to kick the door open into a new realm of innovation and progress.

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  • Laurent Benayoun

    With just 1.2k USD as a personal seed investment into the company, Laurent co-founded HedgeTech, a quantitative trading firm focusing on market making for digital assets. The technology, that involves low latency - order of magnitude under millisecond - trading algorithms and an extremely scalable back-office server infrastructure, was entirely built internally from the ground up.Thanks to his technological expertise and a unique vision of business that is to provide impeccable service around the clock every day of the year, Laurent made HedgeTech’s revenues grow at a rate of +300% year after year on average. As of today, the firm is recognized as one of the top MM in digital assets, providing liquidity solutions on hundreds of markets (including top 100 issuers and top 10 exchanges), with servers handling on average 6 transactions per millisecond 24/7/365 and accounting for billions of USD in trades annually. Laurent’s long-term aspiration to improve the trading landscape and market efficiency across asset classes is already very tangible: market price spreads maintained by HedgeTech are measured in single digit basis points 99% of the time, and market depth (or liquidity) amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars combined. HedgeTech’s technology benefits all digital assets traders - who can enter and exit when they want in the quantities they want at fair prices, with little slippage-, exchanges - who can attract more traders and thus generate higher revenues from trading fees -, issuers -who make their asset they issue tradeable, thus useful and valuable. Even competitors recognize the value of HedgeTech’s technology and count among the firm’s clients. Besides, HedgeTech recently made its internally used exchange connectors, server infrastructure and strategies available to clients through its software as a service so that they can provide state-of-the-art liquidity to their markets without coding server set-up/maintenance experience.

  • Paul Payam Almasi

    Infrastructure Solutions Strategist at Alchemy. The founder of two blockchain analytics platforms. Recognized as a top Bitcoin writer on and has served as a cryptocurrency writer for HackerNoon.

  • Akshay Kumar KANDHI

    Akshay is a blockchain and biometrics researcher and mathematician based out of Paris. He is the Director of R&D at Uniris.

  • Willy Woo

    Willy Woo is a New Zealander with 15 years experience founding multiple startups. Previously an angel investor, and a trader during the 2008 world financial crisis, he now dedicates the much of his time with data driven analysis on crypto-currency markets

  • Nic Carter

  • Chris Dixon

    Chris Dixon stays on the Midas List in 2020 due to Coinbase, the crypto marketplace valued at $8 billion after a $300 million fundraise in October 2018. Dixon switched to crypto full-time in 2018 with Andreessen Horowitz's first focused fund in the category.

  • Sasha Ivanov

    Sasha Ivanov is a Technology Entrepreneur and for the past decade he's been helping improve business, banking and public administration systems evolving electronic payment mechanisms. In 2016 he founded Waves Platform, a global public blockchain platform with a market cap of $1.7 billion (as of 19th December, 2017), which was crowdfunded 30,000 BTC ($18 million), representing the second-largest successfully crowdfunded blockchain project (after Ethereum). The name references his background as a theoretical physicist and the recently-discovered gravitational waves predicted by Einstein a century ago. Waves Platform has subsequently developed into one of the largest tech communities with 300,000 active users in 25 countries and formed partnerships with a variety of renowned international organisations. Recently, he has initiated a new project - Vostok - to create the first usable blockchain solution for scalable digital infrastructure, helping to expand the global accessibility of blockchain.

  • Qiao Wang

    Qiao Wang is a mathematician, engineer, trader, and director based in New York City. He is the Director of Product at Messari Crypto.

  • Will Price

    Data scientist that draws super cool insights from blockchain data - mostly Ethereum focused.Recently on Laura Shin's podcast

  • Larry Cermak

    Director of Research at the block

  • Mrinalini "Ria" Bhutoria

    Director of Research at Fidelity Digital Assets

  • Thomas Kuhn

    Great article on loki

  • Daryl Lau Toh Kin

    @Daryllautk : Gatekeeper of shitcoins at @coingecko and @BalancerLabs,Council of $YFI, Creator of SIP-69 and full on degen trader of 4chan

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