Product Manager of the Year


Product Manager of the Year

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  • Luis Jurado

    Product Manager & Growth Leader with ten years of experience. Always challenging the status quo and appreciating non-conformity. A strong believer in diverse, cross-functional and empowered teams building and running products that people love. I discovered my passion for helping and Coaching Product Managers and Product Designers to become successful and create thriving careers.

  • Alexandre Spengler, nubank

    Head of Product B2B Led the first product - digital account for individual entrepreneurs and small companies. Solved early stage product challenges including strategies for product market fit.

  • Kishore V

    💼 Building Products that power real-world solutions @ KritiLabs || 🎓 Lifelong student of technology

  • Mohit Jitani, Spotify

    Senior Product Manager, Growth, Spotify

  • Kevin Kowalski , Sprinklr

    Senior Product Manager • Established Sprinklr's Advertising product as a "Leader" in the Social Advertising Technology Forrester Wave with over 200 large, enterprise clients onboarded, executing over a half billion dollars in advertising spend yearly through the platform • Developed a creative collaboration tool allowing a notable energy company to onboard all global agencies, increasing annual spend through Sprinklr by 600% • Launched a templated campaign creation workflow providing a more streamlined workflow and driving 50% lower creation times • Designed wireframes, built prototype, and released a planning product reducing the time to draft, compare, and buy media plans in half • Work collaboratively with engineers, designers, researchers, and stakeholders incorporating their feedback in releases and while defining the business unit’s roadmap

  • Zhibo Sun, Grab

    Head of Product for Deliveries (GrabFood and Grab Express) During the pandemic, spearheaded Grab’s food delivery service across Southeast Asia. In the first week of April, takeaway orders increased by 80%. GrabFood helped small F&B by free marketing “local heroes” section on the ordering app, launched islandwide delivery, enabled car Drivers to onboard to do delivery (helped merchants get 30% more orders), Grab absorbed costs for takeaway and self pick up orders. Delivery partners earn 100% of delivery fees and tips

  • Tarun Gangwani, Twitch

    Head of Product, Developer Experience Manages group of product managers focused on data platforms, integration services, tool chain applications

  • Shida Schubert, Mercari

    Head of Product, Mercari

  • Roi Fine, Atlassian

    Senior Product Manager, Atlassian Led the redesign of Portfolio 3.0

  • Dov Zimrin, Google Stadia

    Stadia Product Lead

  • Claire Shuo SUN, Bytedance

    Product Director, Global branding and innovative solutions, TikTok Head of TikTok monetisation product

  • Inhye Hwang, Coupang

    Principal Product Manager Travel Service - Managing end to end customer experience including travel sellers having responsibility of the Mobile/PC product development for Travel products in Coupang. Seller Service - Responsible for seller web portal for Market place sellers and Retail suppliers. Feature Development to support mainly product listing, merchandising, order fulfillment, promotion management to customer contact management.

  • Tyler Mahoney

    Helped restart European travel after Covid-19 through my memos to the leaders of my company, later published on Hackernoon. :)

  • Roly Arora

    Sr manager- products @Berkadi manages team of product managers leading development of platform technologies for robust scalable Lego features made available to internal and external audience.

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