Innovator of the Year: Software Development


The garland of laurel leaves to be worn for all our folks here for their deepest contributions to the grove of academe in technology, or should we say, humanity

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  • Stephen Roller, ParlAI

    Developing NLP AI at Facebook (known currently as A unified platform for sharing, training and evaluation of dialogue models across tasks. Facebook’s ParlAI (pronounced “par-lay” is the first NLP system where Researchers can collaborate and reuse significant dialog tasks. It could be used for training neural models with PyTorch and using theano or tensorflow (For Non-Developers the descriptive term to use is ‘dialogue agents’)

  • Alyssa X

    She launched several impressive projects including a web based audio editor and one of the most popular JS repos on Github

  • Maggie Appleton, illustrated dev

    Illustrator turned accidental web developer Maggie started a site called to bring visual learning perspective of web development and internet concepts.

  • Tanmay Bakshi, IBM Developer Advocate and Google Dev Expert, Machine Learning

    Tanmay Bakshi is a 16-year-old Canadian author, AI and Machine Learning Systems Architect, TED & Keynote speaker, Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning, and IBM Champion for Cloud. He has addressed over 200,000 executives, developers, and various audiences worldwide at conferences, universities & schools, financial institutions, and international companies. The United Nations, NASSCOM, Linux Foundation, Apple, SAP, IBM, Walmart, Institute of Internal Auditors, and HSBC are a few of the organizations he’s keynoted for. Tanmay’s goal to help at least 100,000 aspiring coders to learn how to code has him doing countless workshops and seminars across the globe. His YouTube channel called Tanmay Teaches is where he shares his research and knowledge with audiences of all ages. He loves to interact with, respond to, and help people with their queries. Hence, he has had the honor of being the recipient of the Twilio Doer Award, Knowledge Ambassador Award, and Global Goodwill Ambassador at LinkedIn.

  • Taylor Otwell, Laravel

    Creator of Laravel, need we say more? Oh, he’s super committed (like super duper committed) to make contributions to the community.

  • Max Krohn, Keybase

    I'm Max Krohn, CEO and co-founder of Keybase. I received a PhD in computer science from MIT in 2008, focusing on operating systems and security. ... Keybase makes public key cryptography streamlined and available to anyone. We provide easy-to-use public key management plus identity verification based on your social proofs.

  • Tyler McMullen, Fastly

    Tyler McMullen is CTO at Fastly, the leading edge cloud platform, where he is responsible for evolving the system architecture and the company’s technology vision. He leads a team of experienced technology innovators focused on internet scale, and working on future-facing, ambitious projects and standards. As part of the founding team at Fastly, Tyler built the first versions of Fastly’s Instant Purging system, API, and Real-time Analytics. Prior to joining Fastly, Tyler worked on large scale web applications, text analysis, and performance. He can be found debating about edge computing, networking, and distributed systems all over the world.

  • Ben Dechrai , Auth0

    Ben Dechrai is a technologist working on the design and creation of privacy-respecting IoT systems for home automation. Ben Dechrai is a technologist with a staunch focus on security and privacy. This started at the age of 11, when he wrote software to stop his parents from breaking the family PC, and resulted in his working as a developer advocate for Auth0. He enjoys helping developers find the joy of experimentation, from ethical skulduggery to subversive automation, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @bendechrai

  • Adrian Cole, Pivotal

    Adrian is an active member of cloud interoperability circles. He is the founder of a few popular open source projects, notably Apache jclouds and Netflix feign. Recently, he’s focused on distributed tracing, particularly in the OpenZipkin project. Adrian works at Pivotal in the Spring Cloud OSS team.

  • Lyndsey Padget, Git Grit

    Kansas City based, full stack Javascript developer with 15 years of software and web development experience at both mega-corporations and startups. She is experienced in the MEAN stack: MongoDB, Express, Angular (2-7), and NodeJS. I am fluent in vanilla Javascript, Typescript, and Coffeescript – ES5/6/7. She is professional and detail-oriented, a believer in the KISS principle, and a can-doer (it’s all about tradeoffs). She walks the TDD walk and specializes in designing maintainable and intuitive RESTful APIs, as well as Git workflows and release management strategies. Professionally trained in agile methodologies, she has also been known to stunt-double as a project manager using tools like Jira and Asana. She is the owner of, where she offers organizational training/consulting on all things Git. She frequently speaks at tech conferences on technical topics, as well as soft skills such as diversity & inclusion, healthy teams, public speaking, and the pursuit of badassery. She is involved in local organizations that encourage women, young and old, to explore careers in math and science.

  • Adam Gibson, Konduit

    Adam Gibson born Nov 7 1989, is an American entrepreneur and computer scientist. He co-founded the artificial intelligence / machine learning company Skymind and the open source frameworks Deeplearning4j and ND4J or n-dimensional arrays for Java.

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