Hacker Noon Contributor of The Year: CYBERSECURITY


S/O to the Hacker Noon Contributors Helping Us Stay Woke WRT Protecting Our Data and Stuff, But Mostly, WRT Protecting Us From Ourselves.

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  • Ax Sharma

    As someone who's been coding since the age of 11, Ax transitioned into cybersecurity shortly after graduating with a software engineering degree and has loved the decision ever since! From building things and engineering solutions, he went full on into breaking things and securing them, and exploring what's behind the scenes. This has tremendously helped him as a professional expose himself to different technologies and languages, and learn along the way.

  • Drew Rossow

    Internet and Cybersecurity Attorney | Protecting You Against Social Media Crime #OwnYourData

  • Faizan Haider

    Faizan Haider has been working in the Tech industry for more than 5 years and contributes in marketing tech and cyber security products (including PureVPN) and writing about useful tech solutions.

  • Freddy Marsden

    A privacy and security conscious, open-source, amateur developer and writer.

  • William Immelt

    Writer and Blogger

  • Sadie Williamson

    Developing blockchain solutions since before it was cool in Auckland, NZ

  • Aarushi Singh

    Arushi is a software engineer turned full time freelance writer. Having worked in a corporate as an engineer, he has tons of hands-on experience with various technologies. Combine this with his love for writing and you'd have a stellar piece of copy with all the necessary tech-knowledge one might need.

  • Jonah Aragon

    Jonah is a lifelong technology user and has always been passionate about information security and user control over personal data.

  • Varun Kavil

    Varun Kavil is a 25 years old Security Researcher, Former Kerala Police Cyber Dome Commander and renowned White Hat Hacker with definitive experience in the field of computer security in India.

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