Hacker Noon Contributor of the Year - TESTING


Testing a product is a learning process.

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  • Liyas Thomas

    Full stack developer at Buy Me a Coffee (YC W19). Previously at Zartek. Runs Postwoman.io and other open source projects. I design UIs, sketch and play guitar.

  • Andrew

    Solutions Architect at IntexSoft

  • Robert L. Read

    Head Coach of Public Invention.

  • Iman Tumorang

    Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry more than +3 years experience. Blogger and love to contribute to open-source. Passionate on Startup culture move fast and fix things, with expertise in Software Architecture, Microservices Architecture and Design, API Development and Go (Golang).

  • Chris Fox

    remote developer / technical writer living in Vietnam

  • Patrick Lee Scott

    Patrick Lee Scott coaches individuals and technology organizations ranging from startups through major enterprises in Cloud Native Microservices, DevOps, Fullstack Engineering, and Automation of Processes. He was recently awarded HackerNoon's Contributing Tech Writer of the Year for 2019 and his articles covering topics from committing to master to autoscaling queue based microservices have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. He is a former CTO with successful exit experience and many more lessons learned!

  • Mitch Pronschinske

    ► WHO AM I ◄ A managing editor, content strategist, consultant, and a writer (to name a few) with proven traffic results, cross-department expertise, and endless adaptability. I work at organizations serving highly technical, jargon-rich communities that have frequently shifting needs, and I handle those shifts decisively with elegant and successful solutions. ► WHAT I DO • Talk with developers and other technical professionals about the things that excite them most • Quickly read, digest, and distill content written for engineers and operators • Produce publications that are valued highly by developers and ops professionals • Generate consistently great content ideas for IT practitioner and decision makers, then execute on them • Manage daily content streams for tech professionals ► EXPERIENCE At DZone, I was the editorial engine behind every new content product. At TechBeacon I helped build a new audience, breaking records nearly every month. With HashiCorp I'm now growing our SEO footprint and crafting effective product messaging for much of the company's content. I've fostered relationships with luminary developers, QA, Ops, and other professionals, and I know where the best streams are for keeping up with everything that's going on in the world of software. • Over 9 years providing engaging content for large communities of experienced IT professionals • Making ideas into reality by taking high-level content visions and building concrete products through creativity and decisiveness • Building relationships with the brightest developers from across the IT industry

  • Mohammed Gadiwala

    Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Golang, Python (Programming Language), PHP, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Mean Stack, and Java.

  • Dennis Mathew Philip

    I help organizations make the right technology choices to solve their challenging business problems. I am a passionate Full Stack Software Development Engineer involved in the product lifecycle: brainstorming, design, prototyping, planning, execution, deployment and post-release support. Please find my writings here: https://dev.to/dennismphil https://medium.com/@dennismphil

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