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  • Liyas Thomas

    Full stack developer at Buy Me a Coffee (YC W19). Previously at Zartek. Runs Postwoman.io and other couple of open source projects. I design UIs, sketch and play guitar.

  • Rizwan Virk

    Futurist, entrepreneur, investor, board member, author, video game pioneer and indie film producer. Author of The Simulation Hypothesis (2019), Startup Myths & Models:What You Won't Learn in Business School (2020), Treasure Hunt: Follow Your Inner Clues to Find True Success (2017), and Zen Entrepreneurship (2013). Creator of Play Labs @ MIT, and founder, investor, advisor, board member in many startups including Tapjoy, TapFish (sold to DeNA), Funzio (sold to GREE), Discord, Disruptor Beam, Telltale Games, Moon Express, Tarform, Intelligize (sold to Lexis-Nexis), Sliver.tv/Theta Labs, North Bay Solutions, CambridgeDocs (sold to EMC), Service Metrics (sold to Exodus), etc. **To connect, if we aren’t in the same industry or it isn’t obvious, please tell me why you want to connect along with the request **

  • Olivia Mischianti

    Startup lover, hobbyist web developer, foodie, gamer. Owner, code.likeagirl.io.

  • Nathan Beckord

    I help startups with strategy, finance, BD, and venture / exit issues. I’ve been described as “wingman to startup CEOs” and as “Biz Dev / CFO to go.” I like pitching deals, raising capital, and getting sh*t done. I'm now productizing this work in a new startup called Foundersuite.com. I mainly work with early stage Internet, B2B software, mobile, and consumer product startups, and I have a strong interest in platforms, markets, and networks. Earlier in my career, I started two companies, an early web catalog provider and a clinical trial software company. I also worked in investment banking, and was involved in three technology IPOs and nearly 40 acquisitions. On the content side, I produce the popular "How I Raised it" podcast found on iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify. I also organize various startup events such as FundingV2.com, StartupBD.com and StartupExits.com. Previously, with Pivotal Labs, I produced the ProjectStartup series. I have an MBA in Entrepreneurship, a BSC in Finance, and I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

 I'm on the Board of Hands On Bay Area, a non-profit. Aside from startups, my passion is sailing, and I've logged more than 10,000 coastal and offshore nautical miles. My longest sail was a 22-day non-stop Pacific Ocean crossing to French Polynesia. Currently, I race on a Knarr team in the SF Bay.

  • Yury Lifshits

    Openland CEO

  • Leia Ruseva

    Co-founder @ EllisX

  • Mikhail Astapenko

    Enthusiast. I simply couldn’t resist the urge to surf the wave of Blockchains, DLT, and the such.

  • Kirill

    Developer, Hacker Noon contributor, entrepreneur

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