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  • Kevin Davey

    Experienced Futures Trader with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry. Skilled in Management, Trading Systems, Continuous Improvement, Trading, and Quantitative Analytics. Strong finance professional with a BSE focused in Aerospace Engineering from University of Michigan and MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

  • Noam Levenson

    I'm a writer who covers topics such as the future of money, emerging technologies, and the next-generation web. I try to write things I like to read. Life's too short to bore myself to death writing about things I don't care about. I help companies produce thought-leadership through my company NarrowStrait.com. When I'm not writing about the intersection of economics and technology, I'm following my entrepreneurial drive toward projects that some might call “eccentric.” I am currently perfecting the design of an indoor-hydroponic grow system and building out a platform for adventurers (@rujoum on IG). Beyond that, I can usually be found scrambling up mountains.

  • Frederik Bussler

    I’m on a mission to democratize data science. Apteo gives you the tools to make an impact using analytics and AI - without needing technical expertise. I hope you join me in the no-code analytics movement!

  • Ishan Pandey

    Lawyer in Making | Contributing in the Blockchain Industry | I started Blockchain Paper, 3 years ago as a project on Medium focusing on equipping retail investors with high-grade investment and due-diligence reports on an open-source platform in order to help retail investors make informed decisions. Blockchain Paper currently has around 500k total reads on Medium. The purpose of the project is to ensure that retail investors inculcate the habit of due-diligence and research. I have extensively written about Cryptocurrencies, Utility Tokens, Security Tokens, and Initial Coin Offerings and have experienced and participated in the growth of the industry since high school. I have interned at law firms where my work focussed at Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies regulations, compliance, due-diligence to the drafting of commercial agreements. I have also worked informally with various investment funds and provided them with due-diligence report on target companies.

  • Daniel Jeffries

    I'm an author, futurist, engineer, systems architect, public speaker and pro blogger. During my twenty years in the tech industry, I’ve designed and implemented a broad range of solutions with Linux, virtualization and containers, first with my own consulting company and now with open source pioneer Red Hat.

  • Julia Wu

    www.juliawu.me Building financial technology. Formerly at Apple AI/ML, Microsoft, Brown University (CS & Econ)

  • Anthony Xie

    Founder of HodlBot

  • James Giancotti

    Co-founder of Oddup, Lead of Alluva.

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