Best Web Monetized Digital Artist


Digital Artists are undercutting the age-old model of walled gardens of Christie's and Sotheby's. Who's doing it best?

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  • Kassjan Smyczek

    An amazing artist on Coil and Cinnamon Video

  • Connie Digital

    Connie Digital has produced a wide variety of monetized content, including digital art, music, virtual reality installations, as well as a unique non-fungible crypto token. Over a dozen media outlets have featured his innovative use of digital media and his presence in the virtual space collective known as Metaverse, making him a premier example of what is possible in the new arts economy.

  • VESA

    Mixed media artist VESA innovated his own bodypainting based art form Artevo in 2008, which reached global impact via a Bollywood star project, which altered the foundation of India and Pakistan in 2012. As well as pricing, and technology innovations like the recent Crypto Voxels pyramid gallery, the intent of his projects dwell deep into human problems while attempting to bring forth solutions. He is represented as a speaker by Speakers Forum, does keynotes in major crypto conferences an writes about the merger of tech and creativity on News BTC. VESA has been all-in on crypto since 2017.

  • Nanu Berks

    Nanu is a multidimensional artist with a background in communication, healing arts, social-tech & AI, and enjoys sharing information about planet-positive technology through mind-body color maps, wearable art, fine art, street art, and art installations.

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